We went to Boracay last April 4-5. It was beautiful. We rode a ferry boat from Bacolod to Iloilo, then roadtrip from Iloilo to Boracay. It was 6 hours of shifting uncomfortable positions. But once we got there, it was all worth it. 

. Matagal ko nang gustong pumunta rito, and finally.. nakapunta rin. Even though I know na it was more beautiful years ago, maganda parin naman siya hanggang ngayon. Sobrang dami na nga lang talgang hotels na nakapalibot dahil nga sa dami ng taong dumadayo. 

We got there around 1:30pm na kasi and we still haven’t eaten our lunch, kaya nag lunch muna beforewe went out. We stayed at La Carmela de Boracay Hotel & Resort. Okay naman yung hotel, maayos naman siya. :)

We went sunset sailing on the first day. 750php yata yung bayad, I think? :-) Not bad, enjoy naman. Buti nalang may mga kasama kami kasi mas masaya tska mas affordable gawin yung mga activities by groups. 

On the second day, we got up early for the Island Hopping. It was a 3 hour boat ride. Kahit na mainit, worth it  din naman dahil makikita mo talaga yung ganda ng boracay. 


We went snorkeling nung mejo nasa malalim na part na kami ng dagat. Mas maganda nung nag snorkeling ako sa Puerto Galera, kasi ang gaganda and ang lalaki ng coral reefs. Pero pwede na rin. Ang daming maliliit na fish, enjoy parin :) 

…post to be continued


We went to Bacolod last April 2-3, 2014. My mom has friends from Dubai who also had their vacation here in the Philippines and invited us to visit their place in Bacolod. We really had so much fun.

And ganda ng Bacolod, and the foods.. How do I begin describing the  foods?! Sobrang sarap ng pagkain. When we arrived at the airport, Tita tin was already there waiting for  us and  we went straight to this restaurant called “Tama Plaza” where they serve sea food. And the food tastes so good for a very cheap price. Talagang sulit! 

They said we were lucky because we were just in time for the Panaad Festival and there was a nearby, i don’t know what to call it, but it has a lot of booths from other cities of the Philippines and they sell famous foods and delicacies from their city. 

I’m sixteen years old and I’d never experience to eat (?) / drink (?) or I never tried a sugar  cane my whole life and  they told me Bacolod has a lot of sugar canes and I just can’t leave Bacolod without trying one. Haha! Ang tamis, pero ang hirap niyang kainin.

We went to see the whole place and it sure was a loooong walk. The power even went out for like 30 seconds, pero bumalik naman agad. Ang daming pwede kaninan sa tabi tabi, lalo na yung inasal, ang daming nagtitinda. dahil yun naman daw talaga ang sikat at pinupuntahan ng tao sa Bacolod.

Anyways, at the end of the booths was a perya. And my mom was really excited kasi it’s been years since she went back here in the Philippines at para siyang bumalik sa pagkabata nung nakita yung perya. Ha ha. 

Saglit lang kami nag ikot ikot dahil gabi na rin, naglaro saglit ng kung anu ano tapos umuwi narin, haha. Ang saya, lalo na’t kasama ko  yung mama ko and my kapatid. I really had so much fun. And I’m really looking forward  to visit there again.


will be blogging about our vacation in a bit :) 

Selfie stick!! Who’s interested? Ask me for details :-)

Selfie stick!! Who’s interested? Ask me for details :-)


Super saya ng vacation ko this year kasi umuwi mama ko.. We went to bacolod, iloilo & boracay. I really had so much fun since it was my first time going to those places.. And food. My gosh how do I even start with all the foods. Haha, anyways, I’ll be blogging about it soon. So, ciao!! :)


My kind of flowers


My kind of flowers

Haha throwback prom :-) wag umarte ang likod.. hahaha!

Haha throwback prom :-) wag umarte ang likod.. hahaha!


*note: Puro kacheppy-han ho to sa dulo. You have been warned. Haha!

It was fun, magical, romantic, and perfect. Yes. Just like in the movies, just like what I have always imagined. Although the day started a bit stressful because of the hotel and the transportation, the prom proper was a blast. We checked in at the hotel around 1 pm, and we were already preparing for make up and hairstyle. Waited for out other friends to come so we can all go down together. I’ve always imagined his reaction the first time he sees me, and I was really looking forward to seeing him too. I didn’t see him at the lobby, and the procession already started. When it was our turn to enter the ballroom, he was the first one I saw. He was smiling, he was looking at me, and I flashed a smile knowing I achieved the reaction I was aiming for. (Ha!) Lol. He took a picture of me and we continued to walk. The program was a bit boring, but everyone is still hyped and excited. My table was really looking forward to dinner (lol) because we were all starving. And so we ate dinner, and watched the cotillion. It was nice, haha. Then we listened to our SC President for the batch prophecy, and the awarding of winners. My best friend won star if the night!!! And yes, my friend, Kirsten, won Prom Queen!!! YEY GO MT!!!! HAHAHA.  nothing interesting happened after that…. Except for the dance. The dj started with party songs, and everyone is dancing and jumping and removing their heels. Haha, I was dancing and having fun with MT. Then it slowly faded into a slow song, obviously for a slow dance. I still danced with my friends since he wasn’t anywhere in sight. (lol) Then the music blasted into party songs again.

After a short while, he came up to me and asked for a dance. Of course I didn’t hesitate. I was really looking forward to dancing with him, this is our/my first slow dance for the night. It started out sweet, we were talking about how we look and we were looking at the pictures that was flashed when we entered. He left when the song ended and we started partying with friends. It was fun and  we didn’t want it to end. I danced with some of my guy friends, and after a couple of hours I was looking for him because I thought that was the last dance and I was looking for him everywhere and I can’t find him. I sat and rested for a while. I really thought it was the last dance. -___- After a few minutes he went in front of me and held my hands. I said no, I didn’t want to dance with him anymore. “Bahala ka, ireregret mo to promise.” Tapos tinayo niya ko and then he wrapped his arms aound my neck and hugged me. It was a slow song and he was swaying, “I love you.” he whispered. I buried my face in his shoulders, hugging him more. “I love you, Jiane.” I remained silent, And he kept on saying “I love you.” Yes, I wasn’t really mad. I was just loving hearing those three words coming from him. The song ended, but it was followed by another slow song. “Thousand years, first dance natin.” I said. He looked at me, letting go of the hug, smiled at me and then hugged me again. “I love you.” “I love you too.” he answered. Then we continued dancing. “Dapat binigyan mo ko ng corsage.” I whispered. “Ano yun?” “Yung flower, yung binibigay sa ka-date mo pag prom, yung ginagawa nila sa ibang bansa.” I answered, And I really see no connection but he answered with “Okay lang yun, akin ka naman eh.” I melted, and responded with. “Ha?” (I wanted to hear him say it again haha) “Akin ka na naman eh.” He repeated. I smiled and closed my eyes, still swaying with him. Then he suddenly let go of the hug again, and handed me flowers. Natawa lang ako. “San mo kinuha to? Haha” He smiled and winked at me. Pumitas ako ng isang flower then nilagay ko sa pocket ng tux niya. I smiled I  wrapped my hands around his neck while he grabbed my waist. “I love you, Lourde Aeron.” Then they announced that we should already clear the dance floor and go home. The music stopped and we  did, too. “Dapat kahit wala ng music nagsasayaw parin tayo.” We really did, and after realizing how idiotic but sweet it was, we just laughed and smiled. 

It was perfect. Sobrang saya ko lang. What a perfect night.

"I’d much rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea."
- Carrie Bradshaw (via luckisforsuckerss). (via gaixoa)